These 2 Websites Are All You Need To Get The Best Local // International Bursaries & Scholarships in 2019!

Are you currently looking for bursaries and scholarships you can apply for TODAY? The widespread presence of scammers online have made it hard to sift through thousands of websites to find the legit ones online. To save you time and data, we have done the tedious work of searching and verifiying websites which provide the widest range of bursaries and scholarships. Here are two websites you should definitely start at if you are looking for sponsorships to further your tertiary education anywhere in South Africa, or foreign countries like Mauritius, Spain, China and Russia.

For Local (South African) Bursaries:

For the most comprehensive and easy-to-use website, hop on to
Note! When doing a search, skip to the last page of the search results: this is where you will find the latest posts. You can also search by date and/or course of study to streamline your search results.

For International Scholarships:

The South African Department of Higher Education and Training has created a separate website soley dedicated to providing all the information you need if you are considering studying abroad. Most posts are from the government, however. You can check it out at

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Feb 18, 2019 3:39 pm