Beat Depression Without Therapy

Let me start by dispelling the overarching myth around this topic: Although professional therapy is always advised, sometimes the milder forms of depression can be dealt with in practical and cost-less ways. Of course this assumes that the person suffering from it is able to distinguish between chronic and acute depression. I will not spend time on explaining what these are, but I will share my own personal journey into finally overcoming my own depression about two years ago. So here are the 10 practical ways you can beat your own depression:

Just Take A Walk Outdoors.

It has been scientifically proven that spending too much time indoors is not good for your health, and overall can be the main contributing factor of stress and depression. Taking a walk outside, though, has many health benefits like increased heart-rate and ease of breathing (if the air outside is not polluted). You will also have a more positive mood, especially when walking in a park or t…

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