Beat Depression Without Therapy

Let me start by dispelling the overarching myth around this topic: Although professional therapy is always advised, sometimes the milder forms of depression can be dealt with in practical and cost-less ways. Of course this assumes that the person suffering from it is able to distinguish between chronic and acute depression. I will not spend time on explaining what these are, but I will share my own personal journey into finally overcoming my own depression about two years ago. So here are the 10 practical ways you can beat your own depression:

Just Take A Walk Outdoors.

It has been scientifically proven that spending too much time indoors is not good for your health, and overall can be the main contributing factor of stress and depression. Taking a walk outside, though, has many health benefits like increased heart-rate and ease of breathing (if the air outside is not polluted). You will also have a more positive mood, especially when walking in a park or t…

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These 2 Websites Are All You Need To Get The Best Local // International Bursaries & Scholarships in 2019!

Are you currently looking for bursaries and scholarships you can apply for TODAY? The widespread presence of scammers online have made it hard to sift through thousands of websites to find the legit ones online. To save you time and data, we have done the tedious work of searching and verifiying websites which provide the widest range of bursaries and scholarships. Here are two websites you should definitely start at if you are looking for sponsorships to further your tertiary education anywhere in South Africa, or foreign countries like Mauritius, Spain, China and Russia.

For Local (South African) Bursaries:

For the most comprehensive and easy-to-use website, hop on to Note! When doing a search, skip to the last page of the search results: this is where you will find the latest posts. You can also search by date and/or course of study to streamline your search results.

For International Scholarships:

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Crush it Academically This Year (5 Things You Need To Know)

Whether you are a freshman or a returning tertiary student, you probably realize that you need a game-plan to boost your grades before things start getting hectic. Otherwise you will end up in the cycle of always playing catchup as the lectures just fly over your head and the assignments start to pile up. The good news is that you do not need a complex mathematical formula to come up with an effective plan (it isn't rocket science, duh!). Here are the 5 simple steps to help you prepare and get ready to have your best academic year yet!


Pulling all-nighters doesn't deserve the respect it's getting. It isn't a sign of hard-work, it's merely an indication that somehow you have procrastinated up until the deadline for submission is the following morning. The very students who always complain about there not being enough time to complete stuff are the ones who start the week without drawing up a simple schedule around their da…

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Falling asleep during lectures? This simple trick will help keep you awake!

We've all been there; you get to class and immediately when the lecture starts, especially if it's one you’re not really interested in, you yawn and spend the rest of the time either battling to stay awake, or worse, fall right to sleep. This has been a common trend in lecture rooms so much so that most educators don't even bother to wake you up, so long as they get through the day's topic. But falling asleep during lectures can have devastating consequences in the long run, if you already haven't discovered that yet. Lecturers have a tendency of either moving so fast that 99% of the time their words fly over your head instead of into your ears and brain. Then there are those who are so 'soft spoken' they lull you to sleep straight away. At the end of the day you are as good, or as bad, as someone who didn't attend class at all. You've basically wasted your time, and you will probably have to work extra hard in order to catch up through self study. Life need not be so difficu…
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